Most of us are now aware of the benefits of having a Dash Cam fitted into vehicles. However, many drivers are unaware that they could seriously jeopardise the validity of any footage they collect if their Dash Cam has been incorrectly position during installation.

More worryingly, an incorrectly-positioned Dash Cam is a driving offence and could result in a penalty or fine for dangerous driving under the UK Road Traffic Act 1988.

The benefits of having a Dash Cam are vast. From a motorist’s point of view, the camera gives them the reassurance they need to prove the circumstances around any traffic incident. Dash Cams have fast become the go-to for the police and public to resolve contentious road incidents. As Dash Cams are legal, they are often used in road traffic cases. 2015 saw the first custodial conviction in the UK based on Dash Cam evidence.

Having a Dash Cam can also reduce insurance premiums with discounted by some insurers of around 10-20%. For business vehicles, a connected camera can act as a management tool for businesses, monitoring driver quality and safety on the road.

It is vital that your Dash Cam is installed correctly to ensure any footage you capture will be admissible in court. If you are unsure of the legal requirements regarding the fitting of your Dash Cam, our dedicated installations team can help.

At Avian, our nationwide, award-winning installation technicians are fully qualified to professionally fit Dash Cams from a range of manufacturers. For any new equipment that comes onto the market, our team are trained by the Dash Cam manufacturers on the specific installation of that new product. Our installations are carried out to the industry standard FCS 1362 which is the “UK Code of Practice for the installation of mobile radio and related ancillary equipment in land based vehicles”. We have technicians all over the UK who will travel to you to provide the installation service at a time and date that works around you.

With more than 1 million vehicles with Dash Cams currently on the UK roads, and with a predicted 1 in 5 motorists forecast to fit one within the next 5 years, Dash Cams are fast being recognised as a vital car component.

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