Find the bad guys

With the development of technology, drivers not adhering to road safety and speed limits will be found out faster and more effectively. None of us want to pay more for our insurance than we have to but the behaviour of others on the road does make a difference to our premiums.

With the use of automotive telematics becoming more commonplace, insurance companies will be able to pinpoint fraudulent insurance claims far more easily and see a much clearer picture of what led to the accident and subsequent claim. Good news for all of us.

Pull in those tech-savvy millennials

We all know that anyone under the age of 40 spends much of their time glued to a phone or piece of tech. Insurance companies know that too and will continue to target anyone born after the year 2000 as we use and adopt more usage-based insurance policies fed by automotive telematics technologies. It’s not all bad for the customer either. Millennials pay more for their insurance than anyone else so they are set to benefit from the ever-advancing UBI tech.

In-car tech that truly connects the driver to their surroundings

The development of in-car tech never ceases – these days we have mobile phones, cameras, automatic brakes, dash cams, sensors, radars & more. All of which can help positively influence the behaviour of the car’s driver and help them & their passengers stay safer as our roads become even busier. Automotive telematics can warn drivers of traffic changes and snarl ups, accidents ahead, cars too close and act as a second sense.

UBIs saving us all money on our car insurance

All this automotive telematics technology can also benefit the driver as well as the insurance company. The advance of telematics means that drivers can potentially be rewarded for their driving behaviour and habits. Not driving on statistically dangerous and busy days like May Bank Holiday & avoiding driving in inclement weather; not speeding or jumping lights and even being a lighter user of the roads. Apply this to those of you who manage a fleet or multi-vehicle company – music to your ears!

Avian Fleet works with leading insurance companies & the UK emergency services to deliver up to the minute telematics advice, support & installation.